Thursday, July 12, 2012

My First Sketch Card Set

Back in April, my talented wife agreed to contribute work to a charity sketch card set- Island Dreams 2012 (you can view some of her work here and here). While we were both excited about this great opportunity that was presented to her, a surprise awaited me. Unbeknownst to me, she had asked the director of the card set if he could use my artistic skills as well. After showing him my portfolio, he was thrilled with the idea, and I ended up with my first official sketch card assignment.

I was asked to complete 12 stipple portrait cards of musician Jimmy Buffett and his backup band- known as the Coral Reefer Band. These cards will be autographed by each  individual and randomly inserted into packs. Additionally, I was asked to complete a relic sketch card, which (in keeping with the island theme of the set) featured an antique coin affixed to the card stock. Below are the cards I submitted for the set:

Jimmy Buffett, from 3 different angles
Robert Greenidge, Doyle Grisham, Tina Gullickson
Mac McAnally, Nadirah Shakoor, Michael Utley
John Lovell, Jim Mayer, Peter Mayer
My relic card, inspired by vintage treasure maps

Working on these cards was a lot of fun, and it made me realize my new found love for sketch card art.

***Update - September 12, 2012***

As I come across autographed copies of my cards, I will post scans below:

Jim Mayer

Nadirah Shakoor

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